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A Juicing Q&A

I was recently interviewed by the Edible magazine about High Pressure Processing, Cold-pressed juicing, and my 3 and Under campaign. Hers's my answers to help you understand more about this issue. Brandon - What is The Raw Juice Alliance? The Raw Juice Alliance is a grass roots campaign I started designed to educate consumers on the differences between the two forms of cold-pressed juice in the marketplace, fresh cold-pressed vs. HPP cold-pressed. What was the reason for you leaving the HPP company to form Raw Juice Alliance? What was it that changed your perspective? I left … [Read More...]

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Expo West 2015: The Year of The Company.

Before heading to Expo West last month, I took a look at New Hope 360's top 10 new trends to look out for at the show and for 2015.  Besides theirs, I found another 15 lists through Google, all naming various products and trends to keep an eye on based on a lot of data and market research. Reading it over I was amazed by how fast the industry has been growing. It seems like just yesterday many of these trending ingredients and products had yet to reach the limelight or even exist. Today, however, paleo, functional beverages, gluten-free, South American herbs, specialty foods for men, … [Read More...]

Natural Products In Review

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Uplevel Your Nutrition

As one of my earlier nutrition mentor's, David Wolfe used to say, "one thing leads to another!" In the field of nutrition, this couldn't be more relevant. So we're going to talk about one of my favorite health enhancing meals; the smoothie. Smoothies offer you an easy and affordable way to get nutrients where you may not be already getting it. Simply put, if you consume more green smoothies in your life, you will get healthier! One of the simplest recipes that I love making is only 3 … [Read More...]

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Temple Step: Tumeric Alive Transforms Itself

BevNet's introduction of the new face of Tumeric Alive exults "Organic-minded proofreaders everywhere, rejoice!" Clearly, proofreaders and copywriters everywhere can delight in the announcement that the brand has changed it's name and finally spelled the word Turmeric correctly. But more importantly, will the rebrand also win over consumers? Introducing, Temple Turmeric. I had the pleasure of working with founder Daniel Sullivan in New York City in 2010 when he was still delivering his … [Read More...]

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It’s Epic

For years, beef jerky has graced the isles of convenient marts and 7-Eleven's alike, growing a segment of dedicated consumers along with it. And for years, nobody in the natural sector seemed to car e to expand on it, until they did, and eventually the small market segment for beef, turkey and even salmon jerky reached it's zenith on small end-cap displays at the store level. So, how does a new brand of  sustainable//pasture-raised//hormone free beef, turkey, lamb and bison, edging to compete … [Read More...]

From The Health Coach

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Mineralize Your Water?

Adding Seaweed to your purified water is essential to awaken it's inert state. So many of us are drinking reverse osmosis. The problem with this kind of water is it's missing everything. We need salts and minerals like magnesium, manganese, calcium, and other trace minerals in water to activate it. Andrew Weil recently said, "The reduced availability of salt to body tissues can interfere with brain, heart, and muscle function." Water without it's natural salt content could interfere with … read on...

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5 Simple Steps for a Better Day

Today I woke up, stretched on my yoga mat, breathed a little, made some digestive-warming tea, ate breakfast and chose to feel good. It wasn't until I was walking to a local coffee shop to set up my laptop for the day that something occurred to me, this is a healthy way to start the day.  I began to appreciate my health and nutrition training, as I so often do, and the many gifts it has presented me. Like I know if I ever get sick or stuck in my life, I can always turn to food to help move me … read on...

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Fall Reset

Autumn is here.. the winds of the west are calling and we are moving into darkness! For a lot of us this is a time of sadness; no more summer!?! Darn-it! But the truth is you can be happy and inspired all year round, if you approach each season properly. So, what's proper about it then? The season changes and so shall we. In fact, if we move with what the season is telling us, we will be in alignment with our outside environment. You may have heard of that word called "balance", but do you … read on...