Autobiography of a 30-Day Spring Cleanse



Day 19 Today was magic. I've been feeling renewed since the mid-week confusion a few days ago that lead to the Corn Nut fiasco, which wound up being a major turning point of this program. I rebounded nicely over the last few days and regularity is starting to set in.. The kind that's healthy-diet related, not bowel related. That's all good too though, thanks.  This morning I was up for a work event and what did I start off eating???.... I think it was the coconut water, strawberry, banana, blueberry and cacao smoothie this morning from Native juice at the Oakland Farmers Market by Lake … [Read More...]

corn nuts

Days 15 & 16; An Ode to Corn Nuts

Tired. Aggravated. Hungry. That was my day yesterday (15) watching myself crave not just "cravey" nom-nom foods, but really just regular 'ol normal food. On this cleanse, thus far, I've been eating mono-breakfasts of asparagus some days and strawberries on others, raw salads for lunch and warm soups for supper with a small handful of white rice. I've been to bed by 9:30, up refreshed at 6 am and gone through a few rounds of acupuncture, had a bunch of yoga classes and other practices that feels good and is overall considered "too healthy" by mainstream Americans, which probably isn't saying … [Read More...]


Tangerine Dream (day 14)

Are we there yet!? It's not like it's all that bad.. not eating sugar or wheat or dairy or meat or anything else that tastes or sounds remotely delicious. Hey, at least I have my health, right!? Ahhh well, Celery really does taste better on a cleanse. I mean, the amount of salt and water in those stalks, it's like a savory treat! And the applc cider vinegar in the morning, mmmm.. like a warm sour mouth wash. And I even get to start taking liver herbs soon.. Oh boy, oh boy, I bet that'll change the way things look! I can just see it now.. 'HELLO LIVER CLEANSE, HELLO SPRING, HELLO LIFE AND … [Read More...]

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Day 12/13

Day 12: I took 9 modes of transportation today-not cool. A bus to BART, then BART, then a ride to Palo Alto. I didn't get to eat until I got there which wasn't good planning b/c I was hungry in the morning while traveling and then by the time I got to Palo I wasn't all that hungry anymore, which was around 10:15 am. I went to Whole Foods and ate an apple and my go-to when I'm needing something quick, a Cashew Cookie Larabar which has only TWO ingredients; cashews and dates (raw). Throughout the day I felt really good though. Clear, light, energized. I ate a nice salad for lunch with some … [Read More...]

Natural Produce News


New Tumeric Alive Greens Elixir

I saw this today on the shelves and was impressed. My friend Daniel at Tumeric Alive (a great man and guy I used to work with back in the NYC days when I was opening accounts for him and he was delivering by bike) runs this company that uses fresh turmeric root and ginger to make a really healthy and tasty beverage called Tumeric Alive.  The power of turmeric is exceptional and found in loads of studies on the positive benefits it has on the cardiovascular and digestive systems as well as it's … [Read More...]


@Wtrmlnwtr #mkngmcrzy #expowest

Did you guys catch that? Watermelon Water is making me crazy. I met them at Expo West this past weekend and it wasn't until I was uploading photos to Instragram did a whole thought process about this company spew out of me like an old man sptittin' watermelon seeds off his front porch. It just came out.  I literally wrote a blog post on Instagram under a photo I took of their booth from Expo West. Here's what I wrote (w/the only exception being the Angela Chase, 'My So Called Life' … [Read More...]

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(8 short videos) Brandon + Expo West + Vine.

I have to say, Vine is really freaking fun to play with. And when combined with the excitement of expo west, the innovation of brands and the creativity of the people who make up this industry, what you get is the possibility for new age marketing. Here are some Vines I created from my time at Natural Products Expo West (oh, for those who don't know, Vine is a video app where you can make as much stop-start video that can cram into a 6-second loop as possible).  If that doesn't make sense, … [Read More...]

Health and Wellness

Blended Green Soup

Inspired Blended Spring Soup

This soup is delicious and really simple to make. I picked out all the ingredients for you, so you don't have to. You can just show up in your kitchen and prepare this half raw/half cooked blended soup. You will need an immersion blender or a vitamix or even just a plain old crappy blender. First, take a qt. of filtered water and bring it to a boil. Add 2 chopped red or spring onions and let boil for about 15 minutes. This is so they get soft and sweet and you infuse the water with the onion … read on...

dandelion soup

Spring Dandelion Potato Soup!

Blended green dandelion potato soup. Bring potatoes to a rolling boil, add heaps of dandelion, then some broccoli, garlic, onion and seaweed. Blend with an immersion blender and slowly pour healthy oil of choice into pot. Devour with mindfulness. It's that easy and it was THAT good... Chopped about 4-5 purple potatoes, then added a qt of water to pot. Brought that to a mutha-f-in boil and sang a little song.  Then I added heaps of Dandelion (great bitter green for liver detox), added some … read on...


Project Juice and Dr. Rhea Mehta at Lululemon

I'm getting a little excited. Recently I was hired to work at Project Juice, a cold pressed, organic, mostly all local produce juice retailer in SF. What I'm getting excited for is an upcoming talk I'm organizing at Lululemon with Doctorate of Toxicology, Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Detox Specialist Rhea Mehta (Toronto). We'll be discussing the facts on detoxification (free of charge!) and cleansing next Thursday night at 8:15 p.m. at 1981 Union St. in SF, which is Lululemon's retail … read on...