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Fall Reset

Autumn is here.. the winds of the west are calling and we are moving into darkness! For a lot of us this is a time of sadness; no more summer!?! Darn-it! But the truth is you can be happy and inspired all year round, if you approach each season properly. So, what's proper about it then? The season changes and so shall we. In fact, if we move with what the season is telling us, we will be in alignment with our outside environment. You may have heard of that word called "balance", but do you know what it's is all about. Balance, the place we all strive (hopefully) to get towards. It's homeostasis to others and happiness to some. Listening to the season is as simple as looking at what the winds and plants are telling us. It's noticing the sun, the moon and the skies. It's listening to, … [Read More...]

Natural Products In Review

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Wrap It Up Right

Most of us in the health world by now are pretty aware on the effects of gluten and wheat in our bodies- we're not that into it. Combine that with the almost innumerable amount of GMO wheat in this country and it becomes a no-brainer, gut based decision. People are moving further away from processed grain products b/c they don't feel good eating it or supporting the industry. So, now that we're moving towards the new health & gluten-free paradigm, how do we get around this new-age … [Read More...]


Chia Wiz.

We all know by now that chia is seriously contending with other protein, healthy fat and fiber sources as a reputable food in the industry, right? What started out as a pet project has sprouted its way onto nearly every shelf, in every natural food store, in every town across... the world! One of the largest manufacturers of chia is Australia (The Chia Co. is based there), did you know? So today while I was casually strolling the aisles of Whole Foods Market, I came across these two chia … [Read More...]


Project Juice Part of 1-Week Pop-Up

This week, from May 13-19th in Ghiradelli Square, 15 local sf merchants will get the chance to showcase their goods as part of Revel Systems 1st ever pop up to display their POS system for iPads with the company, PopUpShopUp. My employer, the wonderful Project Juice will be one of the companies taking part in the pop up along with Nazqiz whom coincidentally I blogged about last week after trying their heirloom, non gmo, corn snacks.  Here is the article, copied and pasted from Retail Customer … [Read More...]

Health and Wellness

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5 Simple Steps for a Better Day

Today I woke up, stretched on my yoga mat, breathed a little, made some digestive-warming tea, ate breakfast and chose to feel good. It wasn't until I was walking to a local coffee shop to set up my laptop for the day that something occurred to me, this is a healthy way to start the day.  I began to appreciate my health and nutrition training, as I so often do, and the many gifts it has presented me. Like I know if I ever get sick or stuck in my life, I can always turn to food to help move me … read on...

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Smooth Brekkie

I've always been someone who has rotated my meals. I've never eaten the same breakfasts, lunches or dinners. It feels good to me to always be rotating my diet and this past week is no exception. I moved into a new house in Berkeley and my lovely roommate Carina turned me onto her breakfasts which tasted and felt perfect for me in the midst of summer. She puts a whole bunch of frozen berries in her food processor with a banana and raw protein powder and whips it all up into a frozen swirl of … read on...


Peaches Turmeric~

A great summer juice recipe, behold. I miraculously scored two crates of peaches and nectarines at the Divisadero Farmers Market this past Sunday, 86 in total to be exact. The inspiration for taking so many? Besides scoring all these peaches, I also scored a free Breville Juicer a few weeks ago! Maybe it's my lucky month, or maybe I am a manifester supreme!? (i'll go with the latter) Lugging home all these peaches was worth the reward. I made a lot of new recipes.. Well, I made two or … read on...